“Supportive” Leadership: Does it Inspire Others to Grow?

Posted On: February 14, 2014 by: Kevin Leonard

I was all set to write a post that referenced two articles that focus on how working well together (the teamwork principle the HPL program emphasizes) boosts happiness at work, which, in turn, promotes productivity and profitability. I will revisit that in the next post.

However, when I was researching the topic, I came across the following from an article in the Huffington Post: [Regarding] Building a culture that not only encourages employee empowerment but makes it clear and comfortable to challenge the status quo, Dr. LaBier points to “the importance of positive, supportive leadership that encourages transparency, openness, putting forth ideas and points of view” and shares his view that when “management encourages and therefore strengthens employees’ willingness to ‘grow’ and express their capacities – creatively, emotionally, relationally – which expands them beyond the self-limitations they may have defined themselves as having.”

Douglas LaBier, Ph.D., who is quoted here, is a business psychologist and founder of the Center for Progressive Development, a nonprofit educational, consulting and research organization. The point he makes is a good one. People (and teams) thrive when they are able to push themselves farther and farther and have the confidence that the organization’s culture will support their inspiration to take risks and push their own personal and professional boundaries.

What is noteworthy is that he uses the phrase “supportive leadership.” Isn’t that what we strive for in the HPL program? How do you characterize this term? Share your thoughts in the comments section and let’s discuss!

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