Employee Satisfaction

Posted On: April 3, 2014 by: Kevin Leonard

“For every point increase in employee satisfaction on a six point scale, your company will experience a 42% increase in financial performance”— David Maister

Employee satisfaction is directly affected by the performance of your mangers and the working environment they create. Here are five typical mistakes your managers make unknowingly that drive down performance:

  • Poor task and responsibility delegation: your employees are not being provided with the opportunity for professional growth or they are being set up to fail
  • Over-directing and micro-managing: employees are not learning from there mistakes
  • Arbitrarily mandating goals: employees are looking for leadership in the goal setting process, not goals being thrust upon them
  • Protecting turf: you need leaders who link teams to broader organization systems; bridging barriers
  • Over-dependence on detailed policies: too many rules will drive down creativity, motivation, and commitment

How satisfied are your employees?

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