Your continued support and suggestions have helped us grow into a better store. For that I wanted to send you a special note thanking you. Thank you so much! I look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come.

Ms. Kelly Thomas, Private Client Sales, JB Hudson Jewelers

We had the great honor of working with Kevin from Emerald Bay Performance and he did an amazing job! Working with our team, he facilitated a system to formalize processes for an emerging secondary business. Kevin helped our team identify product and service lines, evaluate our strengths and challenges, and develop a working model that we can implement. I highly recommend Kevin. You won’t be disappointed.

Bob Brick, CEO, Ally People Solutions

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has been tracking the Minnesota DOT’s Office of Land Management Geo-Spatial Enabled Right-of-Way Electronic Land Management System (REALMS) for several years. In 2012, Kevin Leonard, CEO, Emerald Bay Performance, received the FHWA Right-of-Way (ROW) Excellence Award for Innovation.

This award recognized Kevin for creating a work environment that brings intelligent mapping to the fingertips of ROW practitioners. The REALMS’ geographic information system (GIS) goes beyond the query of databases to organize and present data geographically. The system provides the ability to manipulate and analyze data to aid the planning and project development decision-making process. All relevant data can be comingled with other map-based information systems (e.g., flood plains, historic sites, contamination maps and aerial photos).

Kevin’s REALMS’ GIS work environment addresses historical information and assists with the current acquisition and property management processes. Spatially enabling ROW products provides valuable information to scoping, planning, and design personnel, giving accurate information early in the process allowing for more cost effective decision making. The ability to graphically represent the current state of acquisition during public forums, while collaborating with other stakeholders impacted by the ROW acquisition process, has proven to be an effective communication tool that has minimized misunderstandings and eased public fears. There has been an immediate return on investment, including providing real-time, color-coded parcel status for ROW project management and time and cost savings through intelligent ROW design and improved oversight capabilities.

The FHWA also appreciates Kevin for making several national presentations to other state DOT personnel to share these innovations and best practices!

Kathy Facer, FHWA Office of Real Estate Services

The concept and business model Emerald Bay Performance created is so relevant and applicable to today’s business environment. I think even management is fed up with the typical business consultant that comes in and leaves their mark and then “leaves” the company in devastation. I’ve seen it happen in my own world and to so many others. It’s then up to the employees to pick up the pieces of what is left of the company. No matter how hard or smart, one works they cannot fill the role of three or four different people!

I like the common sense and the “not using people as a commodity” aspect of Emerald Bay Performance’s solutions. I also like that coaching and support are ongoing as you just can’t preach to the choir and hope they will continue to sing. While I don’t think certain personality traits, such as integrity and responsibility, can be taught to everyone, I think with the right hiring decisions and the right people in the right roles, these things aren’t an issue.

I really hope we can come back to the time when employers truly cared about their employees and the workplace was actually a fun and rewarding place to go to. Where we are not just cogs in a wheel but where individual contributors are valued and respected for their unique talents, skills, and opinions. Thank you Emerald Bay Performance for leading the comeback!

LJ, Human Resource Professional