Asking the Right Questions Leads to Important Answer

Q – Can Emerald Bay Performance help me?
A – Yes. Typical clients are leaders striving for greater achievement and understanding. Emerald Bay Performance is not for everyone. We won’t accept work unless we can help make a difference. Never judgmental, advice is practical and direct, with an eye to results. When you call, you’ll be able to talk or meet with a partner, who can quickly tell you if it’s a match.

Q – What are the most common challenges you help leaders overcome?
A – Our clients come to us with problems like these:

  • The senior leadership team is not aligned and committed. Without that, they are unable to execute the right actions for business growth.
  • Ownership and accountability for business success is negatively impacted by silos and turf protection.
  • Business processes cost too much serve customers or employees too little.
  • Leadership behaviors are not serving employees, customers, or the business.
  • Decisions take too long and aren’t consistently best for the business.
  • Business strategies do not get executed.
  • Competition and the marketplace have changed and we still operate as we did 15 – 20 years ago.
  • We are breaking promises to customers because our processes are broken.
  • We need to get our acquired companies assimilated quickly.

Q – How do you measure the success of your work?
A – At the beginning of your project, we’ll work with you to clearly define both the desired results and the measures that will be used to track our success. During the course of your project, we’ll have specific check-point discussions to review our mutual progress. A longer-term post-evaluation proves to quantify the tangible business results. You will get a positive, measurable return on your investment.

Q – Why should we work with you rather than one of your competitors?
A – Ultimately, you should work with people you like and trust to help you solve your business challenges and grow your business. When the partnership is a good one, you’ll get real, measurable results; you’ll learn a lot; and you’ll have a good time in the process. So, you should work with us if the chemistry is right … and we’ll both know once we’ve had a chance to talk.

Q – What are Emerald Bay Performance’s rates?
A – Our pricing is based on the value we provide the client. Needs and goals vary widely; accordingly, fees may be hourly, for an engagement, retainer, equity, or a combination. Services may be paid by the individual client, his/her firm, Board or investor group.

Q – Do you work with clients locally, nationally, internationally?
A – We work with clients wherever we are needed. Emerald Bay Performance is based in the Midwest but our business is not bound by location. We maintain a strong, international affiliate network of strategic partners we know and trust making it convenient for business leaders in the United States and around the world. Ultimately, accountability for project leadership and results always remains with Emerald Bay Performance.

Q – How long are people active clients?
A – We strive to help clients become self-sufficient as rapidly as possible. Many clients continue to seek our advice as they encounter new challenges and issues, including staff assessments and transitions into new roles.

Q – Will I be talking with the partners themselves or associates?
A – From your first call on, Mr. Leonard or an Emerald Bay Performance partner will personally handle every aspect of your situation.

Q – Can the Emerald Bay Performance work with multiple individuals at the same company?
A – Handling sensitive situations is a specialty of Emerald Bay Performance. Over the years, we have worked separately with management and subordinates, husbands and wives, peers and partners and still maintained the highest standards of confidentiality. Our nimble size and approach ensures discretion and flexibility.

Q – We have already had some analysis done — do we still need an Emerald Bay Performance Assessment?
A – Some engagements do not require an Assessment, but it is recommended in many situations. You will benefit from the Emerald Bay Performance Assessment regardless of your previous experience with Assessments. Our Assessments are designed to scope the entire company, a single component of a company right down to the individual executive/employee level as required to yield the personal and practical information most sought out by executives. Indeed, many businesses seek out the Assessments for themselves and even their spouses.

Q – What exactly is the Assessment? How long does it take?
A – There are two major groups of Assessments.

  1. First there is the Consultative Analysis & Assessment for your business. This has several components: an information intake phase, analysis, and feedback to the client. Initially, you can expect a half day of highly interactive tests and questions.
  2. The second are the Individual Employee and Candidate Assessments. These assessments are the product of over 25 years of continuous improvement and meet rigorous requirements for reliability and validity and are EEOC and ADA compliant. The business feedback is an intensive one-on-one or group session providing information and understanding.

Where other programs give two-page Employee and Candidate “feedback forms,” Emerald Bay Performance Employee and Candidate Assessments provide up to 17 pages of useful information help ensure that you hire the right person for the right job. Our complete Assessment library is designed to meet your exacting needs.

Q – How do you measure results?
A – At the start of any engagement, quantifiable goals are established, and progress is continually assessed by the client and CEO Group partner. We routinely help clients meet those goals. Clients are often so pleased with the value of services that they continue to utilize Emerald Bay Performance on an ongoing basis.”

Q – Is this confidential?
A – Yes. Leaders, many of whom are highly visible, have for decades discussed with confidence the most intimate details of their business and personal lives. We will not betray the trust of a client.

Q – How do we start doing business with you?
A – Our clients are commonly referred to us by people who know and trust us. Whether a leader is referred to us or you have contacted us directly, we will initiate a telephone conversation to get to know each other. Together we will decide whether it would serve us both to meet in person. When we meet, we’ll ask a lot of questions and begin to define the mutual value in our working together. Over the course of several face-to-face discussions, we’ll define the project and create a visual representation of the project goals, the specific activities to achieve the goals, the time lines, pricing, etc. When we have clearly articulated our engagement, we both will sign a LOE committing to the project.