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High-performance teams are more than a group of people working together to accomplish a common task. They share a common vision and purpose that inspires their performance. They feel accountable for their work.   Learn More

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When you read Executive Advantage…Think the depth and breadth of your company and the vast array of solutions now available at your fingertips. When you read Performance…Think "Execution". High performance solutions supercharging all facets of your organization…a competitive edge if you will. The creation of a ship with all crew….no passengers.

Executive Advantage utilizes over 24 years of business experience and academic research to help companies achieve a competitive edge in leadership by helping you build an emotionally intelligent, flexible – efficient workforce. We achieve success fast by working out of the problem space rather than the solution space. Together we figure out what is working well, and then we assess your needs before we try to assume a solution. Then and only then do we prescribe the most cost effective – appropriate solutions that will stimulate and transform your company into a nimble high performance business model, one that is prepared to achieve even further success and adapt to the changing demands of the 21st Century marketplace.

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"Engaged employees perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave an organization. Unfortunately, only 6% of today's employees are highly engaged."

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Executive Coaching

All world-class athletes have a coach. Not because the coach is smarter or knows more about their abilities or sport, but because the coach encourages, challenges, helps them envision their greatest potential and holds them accountable. Executive Coaching helps get your business running at peak performance and helps keep your business skills sharp. When you work with a business coach, you commit to being your best in business and in life.

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Hire Right The First Time

Executive Advantage in strategic partnership with 360 Solutions offers you a suite of Assessments that are not merely responsive to the immediate situation but also can help identify potential problems and ensure future progress. CEO's, Managers, Supervisors, Human Resource Professionals alike rely on 360 Solutions Assessments to evaluate potential and existing employees.

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High Performance Training

We can partner with you to create the perfect solution to meet your business needs. Our wide range of highly effective products offer proven solutions for employee and business development strategies. Every program comes with a detailed leader's guide, customizable Power Point and comprehensive student workbooks.

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